Aneros MGX

Aneros MGX

The Aneros MGX is a medically researched and designed hands-free device to stimulate both the perineum and the prostate in a rhythmic motion that builds up to multiple intense male orgasms. The prostate gland is also known as the “male G-Spot” and when it is stimulated the right way, a man can benefit greatly from self prostate milking because it’s a very healthful and pleasurable experience!

Achieving a massive multiple orgasm is now possible for all men who are willing to try something different. This is called Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). Prostate stimulation is so intense that you won’t be able to move for several minutes and if you do, it might lead to another orgasm! The flagship Aneros MGX prostate massager will help you achieve THE MOST pleasurable experience you’ll ever have with a sex toy.

Stimulating the male G-Spot (the prostate-perineum) is a mind opening experience and orgasms can last for several minutes before subsiding. It’s the best sexual experience ever and you’ll be moaning like crazy because this area of your body is essentially a man’s “command center” for sexual pleasure! Through its patented, anatomical design, the Aneros was specifically designed to fit the male anatomy perfectly.

If you’re new to anal play or an experienced user, the Aneros MGX is great for both the beginner and the expert. It’s one the best selling sex toys for men to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum. One of Playgirl Magazine sex columnist’s wrote that the Aneros is one of her two favorite sex toys for men. It’s also amongst Sue Johanson’s Top 10 recommended toys.

The Aneros is really nice for a solo experience but it can also significantly improve your sexual life with a partner. Your erections will be harder and your ability to control your orgasms will be significantly improved. Just like women, you will be able to enjoy multiple orgasms that last much longer and can be felt in different parts of your body or even your whole body with a Super-O.

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