The #1 Selling Gay Male Sex Toy introduces the Fleshjack Sword

Fleshjack Sword and Hunter Ford

Fleshjack (Fleshlight’s brand catering to gays) has released a new sex toy for men called The Sword. Gay porn star Hunter Ford has been chosen to introduce us all to this new masturbation device. The Fleshjack Sword is similar to the original Fleshjack but it has some cool new features. The Sword uses Fleshjack’s patented SuperSkin material so it’s durable and it feels like real skin. The internal masturbation sleeve is enclosed in a soft case that looks like a Samurai Sword and you can actually grip the product as hard as you want, adding entirely new sensations and allowing you to make it feel as tight as you like! It also has an end cap that can be removed to adjust suction.

The new sleeve texture inside the Sword Fleshjack is exclusive and you won’t be able to get it in any other Fleshjack brand products. The inner canal of this sleeve looks pretty tight and by squeezing the external soft case during penetration, each grip variation will provide a different sensation, allowing you to feel the sleeve texture tighten around your penis as you masturbate with it. For those of you who are looking to become the ultimate sexual warrior, you should definitely consider buying this one. The texture plus soft case is a great combination for high intensity orgasms.

Fleshjack Sword Texture

Check out Hunter Ford’s video presentation below:

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