Fleshlight Turbo Tube 20% Off Discount

Turbo Tube 20% Off Discount

A contract has been issued for the Turbo Tube to be rubbed out, whacked, knocked off, clipped, or popped… so get ready for the next clearance at Fleshlight.com. Ice Man to be put on ice permanently, Pinky Finger to sleep with the fishes and Muscles Mocha will be taking a dirt nap!

This is the death of the Turbo Tube Fleshlight sleeve and there is more than 20% off, so get yours before it’s too late! Remaining inventory marked for only $31.95. This is a limited time offer and the last chance you’ll get to experience this revolutionary texture before they get eliminated.

Death of a Turbo Tube... Clearance at Fleshlight.com

Designed with ribbons both horizontal and vertical for maximum twisting and thrusting stimulation, the Turbo Tube will get you off at warp speed with a 3/4 inch canal diameter, made from the patented, high-quality material “Real Feel Superskin”. This sleeve is available in 3 different colors: Pink, Mocha and Ice (clear).

Pink Turbo Tube Fleshlight Sleeve

Pink Turbo Tube Fleshlight Sleeve

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