Fleshlight’s Swallow Texture

Swallow Inner Texture Fleshlight Sleeve

The Swallow texture is taking the current Fleshlight line-up by storm and it is one of the most intensely satisfying sleeves Fleshlight has ever created. The Swallow was designed to simulate a blowjob, and it is the most realistic oral sex experience with a sex toy. Ever since the first time I slipped into this sleeve I really enjoyed it and now my cock LOVES that thing. I would say the Swallow is the most intense texture I’ve tried and it is one of those inserts that you grab often!

Misty Stone Mouth Fleshlight: Check out those lips!

Lips of Misty Stone Mouth Fleshlight

I enjoy the entrance of the Mouth Fleshlight a lot! The lips on the orifice were molded directly from the perfect pouty lips of your favorite Fleshlight Girl’s mouth. The combination of the Adult Star’s molded lips and Fleshlight’s soft Superskin patented material creates realism and it’s extremely arousing when your cock grows inside her mouth.

The Swallow FL Sleeve in this picture was cut in half to view inside

Swallow Texture Fleshlight Sleeve

If you take a look at the Swallow texture, you are sure to notice just how stunning it is. The sleeve starts off with a Supper Ribbed texture in the front, then a ring of bumps in the middle, and finally a Super Tight smooth section in the back. You can really see how it emulates the inside of a mouth, from the soft brushing of teeth all the way to the feeling of a deep throat blow job.

Brush Of The Teeth: The texture starts off with a moderately tight opening, which transitions into the intense stimulation of the Super Ribbed texture with a couple of bumps. That part makes me feel like this is a real blowjob because those soft spaced bumps at the entrance hug the base of the penis, which mimics the light contact of teeth during oral sex.

Roughness Of The Tongue: Halfway through the canal, into the ribbed area, you’ll encounter the tingly back of the throat with a series of ribs designed to emulate the slippery yet ridged feeling of a tongue. When fucking the Swallow, the most prominent feeling is the ribs on your shaft and on the head of your cock. Those micro-ribs give an accurate feeling of the slight roughness of a thick lusty tongue.

Go Deep: This lady won’t gag! What makes it even better is when your head bounces through those back larger bumps, simulating what it is like to go deep throat. The Swallow allows you to feel what it’s like to hit the back of the throat and if you can reach it, you can feel the Ultra Tight part of the Swallow. This section starts at around 5″ with a super-tight smooth canal.

Final Conclusions:

This is as close as I have come to a real blowjob using a male sex toy. The Swallow Fleshlight is a must have for your oral fantasies and there are no other textures that feel the way this one does. The Swallow has been in my Top 3 ever since I tried it and I’ve experienced some of my best orgasms with this sleeve. I haven’t used my right hand or any of my other Fleshlights ever since. The Swallow feels sooooo good! You will not be disappointed!

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