Jenna Haze Mouth With Swallow Texture

Jenna Haze Mouth With Swallow Texture

Nobody sucks cock like famous pornstar Jenna Haze! This petite brunette is the “Dirtiest Girl in Porn” and one of the hottest film stars in the adult industry. Try the newest Superskin™ Fleshlight Mouth from Jenna Haze with the realistic Swallow inner-texture to experience what it’s like to have her sexy little lips tightly wrapped around your penis. The Swallow is the most intensely satisfying texture Fleshlight has ever produced!

Fleshlight Swallow Texture

The Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight provides the most realistic experience with a sex toy because it has been specifically designed to simulate oral sex. Molded directly from Jenna’s perfect pouty lips, the inner texture of the sleeve starts with a moderately tight opening which transitions into an intense ribbed canal. Halfway through during penetration, the surprisingly tingly back of the throat will drive your dick wild and then it ends with a super tight canal to make you enjoy the feeling of a deep throating.

If you have a hard time deciding which part of Jenna Haze you want the most between her Mouth, Vagina and Butt, you can get two sleeves or all three with the Two-Ways Pack or Jenna Haze All-Ways Package for an unbelievably low price! These packages are just the sleeves, so don’t forget to add cases to your order!

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