Misty Stone’s signature texture: Bump N Grind

Misty Stone Bump N Grind Texture

The Misty Stone Fleshlight is finally here and Misty’s exclusive signature texture brings together some of our all time favorite textures into one unbelievable supertexture. The Bump n Grind looks like an updated vortex texture. First you’ll enter past the three rows of alternating speed bumps and ribs, then on to the grinding action of the vortex where the thick ridges roll up your shaft for massaging pleasure, experience another set of bumps. FInally, if you have the “status” to make it to this last chamber, your head will get VIP treatment: vortex again, and if you’re still going, you’ve got one more soft set of larger bumps that will softly welcome you home with a nice hug. After trying this texture, you’ll know there ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump n grind!

Whether you are a fan of vaginal, anal or oral sex, Misty’s Fleshlights are available with 3 different orifices: custom molds out of her mouth, pussy and asshole, as well as 4 different sleeves to choose from: Bump N Grind, Lotus, Swallow and Forbidden.
Misty Stone Fleshlights and Textures

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