New Fleshlight Texture: The Lotus

Lotus Fleshlight Texture

Fleshlight announced yesterday the launch of a new exclusive texture called: The Lotus. This highly anticipated texture has been designed to provide the most realistic penetrative sensation ever offered by the makers of the #1 selling line of sex toys for men in the world. Made from their patented Superskin™ material, this brand new inner texture is the result of years of research & development to develop a sex toy that provides the absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation ever created. The Lotus texture is exclusive to the FL girls and it will be the standard texture for all Fleshlight Girls from now on.

I have tested every insert and every orifice ever made and when the Wonder Wave first came out, I thought it was a revolution, but nothing could prepare me for the actual experience of FLying with the Lotus. I decided to take my time with this one, soaked it in the warm water to retain heat, shook off the excess water from the sleeve, inserted it back into the case, and applied some lube to my shaft to make things nice and slippery. As i slipped my cock inside the Paris Fleshlight, the experience that awaited me was an amazing mix of pleasure and astonishment, blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. The first inch is extremely tight, like the best girl you’ve ever fucked, and then it blossoms out to be smooth and inviting, just like a real vagina. But the real magic happens at the first inverted node. The Lotus was designed to give the impression of brushing past the cervix, but i never expected it to be this realistic. My eyes wide with excitement, a smile creeping on my face, i think i yelled out “Holy Shit” when i entered the orifice for the first time. All of the sudden instead of simply screwing a Fleshlight, i was having the most incredible virtual intercourse ever! As I continued penetrating my Fleshlight, i became more intensely aroused and was excitedly playing with each aspect of this new sleeve. Shallow strokes to test the tight opening and deeper grinding strokes to play with the cervix and following chambers; it was my own personal sex workshop. The climax was nothing short of fabulous!

Do yourself a favor and get the most amazing texture coupled with one of the eight Fleshlight Girls.

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