New Texture From Fleshlight! The Vortex

Fleshlight Vortex Texture
Fleshlight Vortex Texture.

Fleshlight is proud to introduce a brand new texture. The ALL NEW Vortex insert is part of a new class of insert sleeve that varies in both canal size and texture. With its four spiraling chambers, the Vortex will bring you to dizzying heights of pleasure! This insert is the result of over a year in development and it was designed to create a mesmerizing combination of texture, suction and an unforgettable squeeze as your penis slides in and out of the canal through each pleasure chamber. This new insert will blow away your expectations whether you are an existing Fleshlight owner familiar with the other sleeves or new to Fleshlight. The canal diameter varies between 1/4 inch – 3/4 inch and it is available in ICE Mouth or Pink Lady.

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