Newly Redesigned Fleshlight Case

Newly Redesigned Fleshlight Case

The newly redesigned Fleshlight case now comes in a sleek sexy new shiny black case with a taller cap, click-n-lock lid and vented rear threads to allow greater control of suction. The new case is lighter and it’s now looking more like a real modern flashlight which is way more attractive than their standard silver/gray case. Most important of all, they’ve really addressed all the issues and everything that pissed customers off about the old grey case was fixed.

The bigger orifice-end cap is a long-needed change and the new taller cap allows more room for the orifice. Being a lot taller than before, the cap is protecting the orifice and preventing it from getting damaged.

The top cap is now very sleek which is a big improvement from the bulky and not so pretty original one. The new cap does not screw on anymore. It’s now a snap-lock mechanism, much safer and easier to snap on and off with ease.

The ring on the inside which holds the insert in place is also improved. The new ring is sharper, deeper and it’s easier to get the insert inside because of it. Being tighter it also holds the inserts better inside the case.

Rear cap with vented threads will allow really fine control over the amount of suction. When you stick your rod in, it pushes the air out much better and deals with the complaints about whooshing noises while using it. In the old case design, the air had to go through the threaded area between the end cap and the case.

Newly Fleshlight Case Improvements

Main Improvements:

  • – Taller Cap allows more room for the orifice
  • – Click-N-Lock enclosure allows for quicker removal of lid
  • – Vented rear threads allow for greater suction control

Currently the case alone retails for $20.00 if you need a replacement case or if you have too many Fleshlight masturbation sleeves. You’ll also get this new case from now on with your favorite Fleshlight insert on the Build Your Own Fleshlight order page. All in all we believe the new cases to be better and a much needed overhaul!

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The newly redesigned Fleshlight Case is offered in your choice of Black or Ice (Clear):

Black Fleshlight CaseIce Fleshlight Case

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