Introducing the Blade: A all-new, squeezable Fleshlight!

The Fleshlight Blade

A few weeks ago the Fleshjack Sword was released. Targeted to gay men, the Sword by Fleshjack came with a male anus orifice. Today, Fleshlight has introduced a version of this squeezable sex toy with a vagina orifice and it’s called the Fleshlight Blade.

Blade Fleshlight: squeezable hilt shaped case

Blade by Fleshlight

Still made with Fleshlight’s patented Superskin material, the all new sharply intense texture inside is enclosed in a beautifully designed squeezable hilt-shaped case and it contains an end cap to control suction. This soft case allows you to take control of the tightness by gripping this sex toy as hard as you want, creating entirely new sensations. The look of the vagina orifice is a huge step up from the Original Pink Lady Fleshlight.

Squeezable Blade Fleshlight Sex Toy

Harness the power of the Blade and be a samurai of self-gratification with the latest product by Fleshlight!

Blade Fleshlight: new sharply intense texture

Blade by Fleshlight

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