The Primal Texture

The Primal Texture from Fleshlight

The New Private Collection from Fleshlight features an all-new exclusive multi-textured sleeve made just for four of the hottest European pornstars: Aletta Ocean, Lucy Belle, Tarra White and Black Angelika. The Primal texture combines all of the most popular Fleshlight inner sleeves into one powerful, unique and intensely satisfying experience.

The Private Collection with Primal Texture from Fleshlight

Upon first entrance into the Primal, you’ll dive immediately into two small waves of tiny teeth rings, just like those found on the Swallow texture. The familiar and recognizable feeling of the Swallow teeth provides a delicious grazing along your cock that will remain present during all parts of your session. You will always feel these soft teeth at the base of your penis no matter how long you have been going and they provide a subtle feeling when stroking.

After that, you will break through into a tight Lotus node. If you have nice thick head, the node wraps tightly around it and you’ll definitely enjoy a great popping sensation on each stroke in this particular area. Once beyond the first node, you’ll be rewarded with the tiny touch fingers of the Touch texture that will massage you before entering a brief patch of large Stamina Training Units (STU) bumps as you thrust deeper into the sleeve. The chamber of Touch and STU bumps is where most of the action of this sleeve occurs and these textures provide subtle sensations on your dick head that will slowly bring you to an intense orgasm.

At this point you are about 6 inches deep into the sleeve. Most men probably can’t go any further but if you’ve been privileged by the gods, there is another Lotus node followed by some fangs in the last chamber. For a multi-textured sleeve, the Primal texture is pretty well spread out around the 3″ to 6″ mark meaning no matter what size your dick is, there are a lot of different sensations to experience and you can truly feel every part as no nerve is left unstimulated. The intensity of this sleeve at climax is amongst the top 3 of all Fleshlight sleeves and once you reach orgasm the Primal provides a constant level of intensity and immense pleasure while ejaculating.

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