Video: Fleshlight Factory Tour & Riley Steele Molding

Deadline!, a TV program on HDNet, gave us a tour of the Fleshlight factory in Austin, Texas and we were able to watch how our favorite male sex toys are made, from molding to packaging. We even get to see the famous blonde pornstar Riley Steele getting her mouth and butt molded.

Here is a video transcript of this Deadline’s episode that originally aired on HDNet on Thursday – August 4, 2011:

Katie Daryl: Welcome to the wonderful world of Fleshlight. Flesh… what ? Oh… don’t act like you don’t know!

Fleshlight representative: Fleshlight is actually the number one selling male sex toy in the world. We developed it a while back to be concealable so it’s like a flashlight, a utility flashlight case to be discreet, but inside we’ve got either a vagina, mouth or any kind of orifice that you’re looking for that’s sexually usable for men.

Katie Daryl: They’ve sold over four million of these bad boys and Deadline is giving you a factory tour and we get to see a private parts molding.

Fleshlight representative: We mold a bunch of pornstars right now. We’ve ten, we’ve got Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane… Yup and later, we get to watch Digital Playground’s Riley Steele get her mouth and bum molded.

Katie Daryl: (Talking about the inside of the executive office where huge tv-monitors monitor every kind of sales statistics). This is like NASA headquarters but for masturbators!

Fleshlight Manufacturing Plant

Fleshlight representative: So this is our US manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. We’ve got four manufacturing tables here with 50 molds each. Uh, we produce about fifteen thousand units in a month. So, these big machines actually extrude all the gel that we injected in the molds. So after we pull the product out of these molds here, that passes over to get powdered in these rooms here with uh… corn starch, and then heads over here to packaging where we process all these shipments and get it all into the inventory.

Katie Daryl: Boxes of lady holes for as far as the eyes can see! And soon the Riley Steele’s line will be complete. Stick around because we get to watch her molding session later in the show.

Riley Steele Private Parts Molding

Riley Steele: Hey, I’m Riley Steele and we’re here in Austin, Texas to mold my butt and my mouth for the new Fleshlight. Are you ready ?

Katie Daryl: First, the Fleshlight dudes take pictures of Riley’s mouth and tushy hole to make sure the molds are exact. Then, like mad horny scientists, they mix up the magic molding material. Next, they prime the first hole. Let the mouth molding begin!

Riley Steele: It looks like i’ve got cum all over me. It’s really hard for me because they told me not to move. I talk a lot… i’m a girl. Having your mouth covered is not fun.

Katie Daryl: Next, the Fleshlight crew primes the chocolate starfish and the plaster fun starts all over, just in a much naughtier way. And “voila”, it’s Riley Steele’s forbidden zone. Ohhh, what a gentleman, cleaning up his mess…

Riley Steele: Thanks HDNet for coming with me to do my new Fleshlight molds of my mouth and my little butt hole. Now you can fuck it and it will be on the market soon, so you better fuck it. Thanks for coming with me guys.

Update: Riley Steele’s butt and mouth Fleshlights have been released since the documentary was filmed and are now available for purchase on

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